Which domain would be better for beginners in blogging WordPress.com v/s WordPress.org?

As we know WordPress.com and WordPress.org are very confusing for anyone to understand.

So, before starting the difference between wordpress.com v/s wordpress.org first we will understand “What is WordPress?”

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system based on PHP & MySQL. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system. It is most associated with blogging but supports other types of web content including more traditional mailing lists and forums, media galleries, and online stores.

If you are starting or thinking about to start a blog, it’s very difficult to select between .com v/s .org

In this post, I will clear your doubts and explain which is better to use .com or .org

So that after reading the post you will come to know which WordPress is best as per your needs and with that you can start with your blog that you have been thinking.

Firstly, we will understand what is WordPress? WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool. WordPress is an excellent platform for various types of websites. From blogging to e-commerce to business.

Currently, 70 million websites use WordPress. But the question is “Which WordPress is better for bloggers?”

WordPress.com v/s WordPress.org:

If you are starting with the blog you must be confused about which WordPress is much better.

Many differences exist between .com and .org so to help you decide here are some factors which differentiate two platforms.

1. Web Hosting:

    • This is the main difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org.
    • Users who want to create a website they are offered for free service from wordpress.com.
    • But it has some limitations.
    • Whereas wordpress.org doesn’t provide any free service and it is necessary to self-host your site
    • i.e. you have to buy hosting from a service.
    • What is hosting? Hosting means to upload your site on a server so that anyone can access it through the internet.
    • WordPress.org is favorite for bloggers because it provides freedom to choose to host service as per your need.

Reasons to find which WordPress is better:

  1. Privacy:

In wordpress.org, you can post content on your website without any interference. While in wordpress.org, they may place advertisements on your blog.

     2. Ownership:

In wordpress.org, you have full ownership of your blog content. Whereas in wordpress.com, it clearly says that they have full access to your blog content.

“Wordpress.org is the winner when it comes to hosting.”

2. Theme Support and Design:

    • WordPress looks good because of themes. The theme is the design and UI of your WordPress website.
    • Detailed guidelines of theme developers are provided by WordPress. There are many free WordPress themes but they are not worth using it.
    • In wordpress.com, when you subscribe you are not permitted in the theme party. Only a few themes are available when designing.
    • In wordpress.org, it opens up any theme you want to find and permits for further customization.
    • If you want unique control to compare your site with other sites online you should choose wordpress.org.
    • So in this section “WordPress.org is the clear winner” when comes to themes and to design your website.

3. Plugins:

    • Plugins are the most effective feature which will boost your website.
    • Just think about your mobile phone, you will come to know why plugins are necessary? When it comes from the factory phone works perfectly.
    • Did you ever think why it runs perfectly? It’s because phone manufacturer by default hand us with some little apps and features and that’s the way plugins work. As they provide a wide range of scalability for your website.
    • If we are using the plugin, you can access any API and will be able to put that plugin services in your website.
    • Only wordpress.org users can enjoy the facilities of plugins while in wordpress.com installation of plugins is not allowed.
    • In this point, Once again wordpress.org is a winner.”

4. Maintenance and Security of The Website:

    • As we all know that sites need regular maintenance and backups and also needs extra security to protect your site from hackers.
    • Your site’s support, backup, and security are handled by WordPress when you sign up with wordpress.com.
    • WordPress have their security team that works to secure your content from any third-party.
    • If you want advanced security, you will have to upgrade to wordpress.org as it includes extra security tools to protect your content.
    • It also provides an extra level of security against external hackers but for new bloggers, an extra level of security is not necessary for a beginning.
    • So, in this point “WordPress.com wins for maintenance and security purpose.”

5. To build an E-commerce website:

    • What do you mean by E-commerce site? Buying and selling your products online.
    • If you are thinking to build an e-commerce site, WordPress has included many features. There are many effective plugins and third-party services included to build an e-commerce site. Plugins and services of WordPress will give a massive look to your website.
    • E-commerce features are currently not available to wordpress.com users. In this, you cannot accept payment on your website only you can list products on your page.
    • So, it’s necessary to have wordpress.org website to build an e-commerce site.
    • In this section, “Wordpress.org is the winner” if you want to sell products from your website.

6. Freedom to make money:

    • Without any economic benefit, no one will set up a website. WordPress website is as powerful as compared to any other website.
    • You are ineligible to earn money through advertising on your site in wordpress.com. Through paid advertisement on your site is the easy way to make money blogging.
    • If you display a product or service on your website and if anyone clicks or follow your link you earn money.
    • To earn money through paid ads is an easy way as its maintenance cost is low. But wordpress.com doesn’t allow you to place an advertisement on your website. This advantage is available only in wordpress.org.
    • “Again wordpress.org wins against wordpress.com.”



As the winner of 5 out of 6 sections, WordPress.org comes out as the clear winner.  

If you’re comfortable with blogging as your hobby and don’t want any economic benefit, then WordPress.com will fit your requirement.  

If you are looking to turn your blog for economic benefit or even a full-time job, you need WordPress.org.


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