Instagram stories or Snapchat stories

Which one is better for small business?

Instagram stories or Snapchat stories

Every business just wants to be heard when it comes to digital marketing. All social media platforms keep updating their characteristics so that they get help to create their brand awareness.

As we know that there are many social media platforms then also it’s difficult to decide where to invest your time.

As Instagram or snapchat, these two platforms have similar features too then also question arises which story “Instagram” or “Snapchat” is a better investment?

Here are some similar features of Instagram and snapchat stories both:

  1. Stories last for 24 hours
  2. Video can be recorded up to 10 second
  3. Allow viewers to send chat through stories
  4. Capture videos and photos
  5. Have the feature to add text, emojis, filters to photos

With many similarities also, users of each platform are confused between where to invest time. As for the small business owner, first, focus on where your customers are and where you should invest your valuable time. So now, let the war of Instagram stories v/s snapchat stories begin.

  1. Viewers and demographics (For Business)

Whenever you are choosing a social media platform first take in consideration that whether your target viewers lives there or not.

As we know the type of audiences varies from platform to platform, but as a small business owner, you have to go to where people are.


Most of the small business is now devoting their time for posting on Instagram, so it becomes easy to profit the audience which is already built.

Your followers can see your Instagram stories as well as anyone who comes over your profile and in search can see (But account must be public).

Apart from this, Instagram counts over 500 million daily active users double than snapchat it means you have a great chance to reach an even larger audience.


Many marketers realized that snapchat is very popular with young social media users. Many snapchat users are of the millennial generation. Brands who are targeting youngsters demographic would invest their time in snapchat.

This platform is ever-changing and it’s still expanding. At this time, half of the new users in snapchat are over the age of 25. Snapchat gives the opportunity to reach a larger age range.

Apart from this, snapchat counts 188 million daily active users.

  1. User Engagement

Both Instagram and snapchat allows users to directly message the brand after watching their story. But question is, your audience is actually watching your stories?


The largest advantage of Instagram is that there are millions of users on the platform. Almost 60% of user’s login daily and it is the second most engaged network after Facebook.

But if the audience is not interested in your content, they could miss your story.

Instagram stories are at the top of the user’s feed. The order is not sequential but it is based on engagement.


As you all know, snapchat users looks more attired in your story as they had to physically add you.

Snapchat feeds are adapted to what users are engaged in. it does not show that platform only concentrates on consuming stories, average active users spend 30 min on the app every day.

In snapchat, one issue is that it does not provide direct links to the audience has to go to your site for any promo code as there is no “Link in bio”.

  1. Growth

If no one ever sees what you are sharing on social media, how will they start following you? All account varies revelation varies from platform to platform.


There is an exploration page that gives the appearance of the accounts a user has not followed yet. These groups are based on the user’s interests, current followers, etc. with Instagram stories on the relevant page. You have the great chance to get more views on your story and increase your followers.

If your account is public then anyone can see your story. In this, you can earn followers in two ways:

  • Through the content of your Instagram feed
  • Through the content of your Instagram stories


Increasing followers on snapchat can be difficult compared to snapchat. As you know that in snapchat there is no relevant feature, no suggested followers, etc. To follow you or your story you should know the exact username or snapcode of the user. Snapchat involves promoting via other channels.

So you have to add snapchat name on your website or on facebook, twitter or Instagram to add you on snapchat. Then also it depends on how the audience is engaged, they will either listen or not. If they are not listening, it is much better to invest time into Instagram until snapchat creates the relevant feature.

  • Still not sure to use Instagram or snapchat stories for your business? Try both

Two points to try both:

  1. If you are starting by using snapchat, save each post to “memories” as well as in “camera roll”, then upload on Instagram stories. By putting the same story on each platform you can compare the number of views, engagement of your audience and see where to invest your time.
  2. Ask your audience where they want to see you! As social media is about to try and error, so don’t be afraid and test what works better for your business.


Even though there are many differences between Instagram and Snapchat stories, I have the three different characteristics will help you to conclude which platform works best for your content and goals.

So, I hope that I have covered all points for Instagram stories v/s Snapchat stories. If I have missed any points just let me know in comment

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