How to generate more leads with inbound marketing

As a marketing aspect, you have heard the word “Inbound Marketing”. There is common confusion about what is an inbound marketing and why it is important?

Here your confusion will get cleared and also provide the analysis of Inbound Marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing?

    • It is a marketing approach which draws the attention of customer towards your products and your services through social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, webinars, etc.
    • Did you ever think what the main aim of inbound marketing is?
    • The main aim is to build a relationship with existing customers those who have a positive effect and your future customers.
    • This type of marketing deals with content that directly relates to the problems and the requirements of your customers. This will help in getting attention for your reliability for your business.
    • You know inbound marketing uses a great method for attracting potential customers through content marketing, social media and search engine optimization.
    • Now we will discuss why inbound marketing is in trend nowadays?
    • Earlier all marketers believe in traditional marketing for advertising. To make the marketing aspect better and get accurate result inbound marketing has been evolved to show its efficiency.
      • It provides the potential with helpful content.
      • It shows marketers as trusted sources of information.
      • It targets suitable users for our business so that you get high-quality leads.

Inbound Marketing Statistics:

    • The lead generated through inbound marketing is 65% less costly compared to outbound marketing.
    • Some marketers say that by inbound marketing we get high ROI and some say they produce high-quality leads.
    • Inbound marketing is the most effective way of converting your leads.
    • Many marketers who use inbound marketing believe that it doubles their average conversion rate.

Components of the inbound technique:

There are 4 stages of the inbound marketing technique:

  1. Attract:
    • The first step in inbound marketing. This step is included so that you can plan how to convert a stranger into visitors. When you create relationships you should attract customers who are interested in your product and services and also become your valuable customers. To understand your customer’s potential you have to study the characteristics and features that your customers possess. The next step is to create content that will catch the attention of your potential customers.
    • Strategies for attracting your customers are Blogging, Social Media, Keywords, etc.
  2. Convert:
    • The second step in inbound marketing. This step is done after attracting visitors into long-term and reliable visitors. For this, you need their contact information for the further conversion process. Remember that you have to take contact information of your targeted audience only and you will have to provide something in return which they can use. Offer something that is valuable to them like e-books, case report, webinars, etc.
    • Strategies for converting your visitors are call-to-action, contact list, etc.
  3. Close:
    • The third step in inbound marketing. This step is done after converting is to close the lead and make them your customers. First, make sure that they are ready to purchase your product or services. There is some marketing technique that will push your leads to conversion.
    • Strategies for the close of leads are lead scoring and Emails.
  4. Delight:
    • You know that inbound marketing not only makes a list of customers but also it looks forward to making those customers the promoters of the products and services. Just to establish brand reliability, you need to deliver value to your customers after the sales process too. This is also done for existing customers so that they don’t forget you in the future. Delight is the factor where the importance of long-term customers is seen.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing:

  1. Generate Quality Traffic:
    • The main benefit of inbound marketing is that it is focused on achieving the right audience at the right time. This result in high engagement. When the right audience get connected at the right time, they attend to get attracted to your offer.
  2. Increases Trust:
    • It provides all information to customers for which they are looking for. This will create trust and faith in your product or service. It makes your business credible.
  3. Cost effective:
    • It always uses a wide range of tools which are free. As it is cost effective this method is most suitable and don’t need any huge budget.


  • Inbound marketing has been successful for many businesses. We believe that anyone can use inbound marketing to promote themselves and their products and services. But remember one thing you don’t have to just focus on only inbound marketing. It is important to find the right tactics for your own business and identify which channel delivers the highest ROI.


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