Why Your Business Needs Social Media Presence?

Before discussing why your business needs social media presence first we will understand what is social media presence?

What does social media presence mean? It doesn’t mean that you have a social media accounts.

It actually refers to how you post and engage your audience on all social media accounts.

It also refers to how regularly you post, the type of content you write, etc.

If we say, take one example: the student who attends class regularly is noted as “present” similarly for social media if you regularly post an update is referred to as “social media presence.”

But it doesn’t mean that you get the result so fast.

To understand this clearly let us take another example:

Student attending class regularly but it should be a “good presence” and if the student is laughing, yawning or passing comments then it’s a “bad presence”.

Similarly, in social media presence, you not only have to do regular post update but also it should be posted effectively that attracts the targeted audience properly to be a good social media presence.

Examples of social media presence is posting content daily which is related to your business, type of language that represents best for your business.

Why your business needs a social media presence?

As we all know that the influence of social media is increasing day-by-day. Social media marketing is a part of Digital Marketing. But still, many people are confused whether it is right for their business, whether it is actually important to have a social media presence and invest their time.

To be very precise, it may not be for every business.

Majority of organizations having a social media presence can boost their brand awareness. Through Social media ad Campaigns they can easily reach wide range of targeted audience which later drives more traffic to websites. But social media marketing is much wider then it is visible to us.

So, to help you in a better way on the future benefits of social media for business. There are various ways in which social media can help your business.

Here we will know how much percentage of marketers use social media for their business:

  1. 92% of marketers believe that social media is important for their business
  2. 90% of marketers say that social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business
  3. 75% of marketers say they have increased traffic

Reasons for the need of social media presence for business:

  • It is cost-effective

You can post as many updates you want as it is free to share. By posting updates you interact with other marketing organizations for universal tactics.

  • It forms an engaged community

As we post regular updates on social media users can come to know about your company. When any user follows your company, they are notified for any update we do on social media. By regular posting engaged community will also grow day-by-day.

  • It provides reliability

When any ads are shown on social media user know that someone is trying to sell something. As posting of updates is non-paid, the brand provides reliable data through which your organization is defined.

  • It helps in search engine optimization

If you regularly update your profile it will always be shown in relevant searches

  • It complements an advertisement

When you are running ads, always update your page with some interesting content because most consumers research on business on the internet before they buy anything.

  • It provides a platform for customer care

By posting at least one post a week, consumers will come to know how much you are actively engaged on your account and help them whenever they need.

  • 60% of users wait for customer service through social media
  • 90% of users directly contact to brands through social media


In the world, 70% of internet users are active on social media, who spend at least one hour a day on average on those social networks, we have to conclude that social media have become a kind of reality in which people communicate, interact, and obviously trust. We also have to be aware that over 60% of those users access social media through mobile devices, with strong evidence that this percent will only increase in the future years.

In this world, we have to accept that social media is a new range of fact that has become a part of the business world as well. Over 90% marketers report they are or will be using social media for business, while over 60% of them claim to have acquired new customers over social media.

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