Social Media Updates 2019

Are you aware of recent social media updates and news?

As social media is constantly changing by including new features and new options to connect and target your audience.

Here are some updates for few and popular social media platforms:


Instagram is coming up with a new feature which allows brands to sell their products within the app. The feature named “Checkout on Instagram”. This feature is currently being tested by many major brands like Adidas, Zara, etc.

Users have to tap on a new “Checkout on Instagram” button on the product page which allows you to complete your order including payment without going out of the app.

Ad format for influencer marketing posts

Instagram is planning to initiate a new format for the post by influencers which is known as “Branded Content Ads”. Till now brands were hiring influencers to work on ad campaign but the issue was that the product was reaching to the followers of that particular influencer.

So now Instagram is working on a new ad format so that brands and influencers both can associate by financially and will be beneficial too.

Branded Content Ads will allow advertisers to promote Instagram posts like any ad.


Twitter is coming up with a remarkable update to its “Camera Feature” by allowing users for sharing pictures, videos and live video even easier.

Here are steps what you can do with it:

  • To access the camera, swipe left. Now you don’t have to go under “Tweet Composer Button”.
  • After you have captured a picture or video, you can add caption, hashtag or your location.
  • Twitter will suggest hashtags.

This update will encourage people to post things that are being happened in real time via pictures and videos.

Another update which is now being tested by Twitter is “Subscribe For Conversation” feature

Twitter is recently working and testing a feature which will allow users to follow specific twitter threads by clicking on “Subscribe For Conversation” button. From this, you can choose to receive notifications from the comment on particular posts.


Pinterest is making double efforts on improving the shopping experience for users. Pinterest has decided to move towards IPO, which continues to update its ad tools and is also announcing a scope of new tools which includes their new product catalogs option.

To help retailers to increase their reach and convert it into more customers, they added following the features:

  • Shopping Ads:

They are now available to all businesses through Pinterest ads manager. When products becomes available on Pinterest, brands can promote items from their product feed with shopping ads.

  • Shop a brand:

Under product pins, users will now be able to view section with more products from that particular brand.

  • Personalized shopping suggestions:

Based on the user’s previous pin activity they will get additional suggestions too.

By this feature, one can be aware of the latest trends and will be always notified so that you can think about how to use these new functions.


LinkedIn has decided to give their ads a new fresh look for the rise. List of updates and additions are as follows:

  • Lookalike audiences:

The new feature of targeting combines the characteristics of your standard customer with your LinkedIn to find a suitable audience for your ads. With this new feature, you can determine identical audiences who have already shown interest in your business.

  • Increased interest targeting:

Interest targeting was initiated in January but recently LinkedIn declared a new combination with Microsoft’s Bing search engine to the target user’s based on your audience’s professional interests on LinkedIn and the content of your audience engaging via Bing.

  • Audience templates:

This feature will help marketers which are new to the LinkedIn advertisement, templates will give them an option of over 20 pre-designed B2B audiences to select from and it includes characteristics such as groups, job titles, etc.

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