How to gain blog traffic through pinterest?

As you know that for many new bloggers who have just started a blog, trying to get a solution about how to gather people to their blog appears like a challenge.

They start a youtube channel, facebook, and a LinkedIn profile. Yet, no comments, no clicks to their blog generated a post. I recommend for new bloggers is to concentrate on one or two social media platforms to gain more traffic to blog post. For me, it was Facebook and LinkedIn.

For me, it was Facebook and LinkedIn. But we were not getting a proper result. We were not able to reach our targeted audience so we started using Pinterest to drive traffic on our blog post.

You can use Pinterest for business if you want to make money with your blog.

Here are some tips that will help you to get started using Pinterest to drive traffic on a blog post:

  1. Use Picture, Not Logo:

If you are a blogger, then having a picture of you or your family is the finest way to associate with your followers.

I know there are many blogs which use a logo and its fine but many prosperous bloggers civilize their brand with a photo of them.

  1. Maintain your other Accounts:

When you are making your Pinterest profile, you can maintain your other accounts like YouTube, Instagram etc.

It gives you features like:

With a maintained account, when others pin your pins, they can see your profile and will follow you.

When maintaining your other accounts, you can see all analytics for each pin of your Pinterest account.

Our monthly views are the analysis of how many people have seen or involved with your pin.

  1. Niche down your Pinterest profile:

It is required to know how Pinterest is doing its hardest to find out what your profile is about. It utilizes your user performance to understand your Pinterest profile niche.

For example: When you pin to those boards which you already have on your profile gives Pinterest information on a type of inner you are.

So the better way you can do is niche down your profile.

For your heading, try using only one main name for your heading instead of using many keywords.

With the marketing department, I was having many names like digital marketing, SEO marketing, internet marketing etc. but I canceled all name and niched down to marketing tips.

  1. Improve your Bio-Description:

Under your heading, you will have a place to tell pinners that what you are all about. It is a great place where you can improve description with words based on your blog niche.

For example: If you are having a marketing blog and you blog about SEO marketing, some words you can include into your bio-description are:

SEO marketing tips

Tips to get success through SEO

  1. Be innovative in your pin headings:

The main aim of promoting the blog on Pinterest is to increase new audience. You wish them to see your pin and click on their blog post.

But the question is how will you use Pinterest for that?

You can do it with pin heading so the user will have reasons to click over your post.

The great thing about Pinterest is that you can establish many different pins for a similar blog post.

For example: Let’s assume that you wrote a post called 4 tips to drive traffic to your website.

In this, you can give different pin headings so that you can come to know which heading drives traffic to your blog.

  1. Use hashtag in Pinterest descriptions:

Use hashtag symbol in your pin descriptions and Pinterest gives you suggestions. Write hashtags in most of your pins.

  1. Prevent using dark images:

People always watch and click on the bright pin image which has a lot of white space. If you use the image which is dark and having too many things they will just scroll it.

  1. Post your blog name on each pin:

If your pin has been stolen pinners will help us if they knew that from where the pin comes, grow your brand and blog. So it’s a great idea to post your blog name on each pin.

For example: if your pin tells out easy tips for growing your business and when a pinner clicks on your pin and goes to some unusual blog, then they will come to know that your pin was stolen.

  1. Make your fonts large:

Make sure that you keep your fonts large and easy to read your pins. As most people see pins on their mobile.

So try different font style and size.



Pinterest is not just for images anymore. The site has the active community of various readers, and Pinterest is only improving this personal magazine type readership. Don’t miss the developing opportunities to extend your global reach through Pinterest. Use the tips from this article to drive more traffic to your blog.

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