How to get benefited through Email Marketing

Email marketing is a part of digital marketing, to encourage business online to reach maximum people and to increase your sales/revenue for your business.

When you can reach maximum people via online marketing then why to use the traditional way of marketing to promote your business. Because today everyone uses a smartphone and spend their maximum time online.

“Let people know about your business by promoting online”

There are many ways of promoting your business online but among all marketing strategies, Email marketing is a very effective marketing solution.

By sending a bulk email you can advertise through email marketing campaigns to increase your business awareness.

How to do email marketing?

    • It is the action of sending a business message, usually to a group of people, using email.

Email marketing is for both businesses:

    • Email marketing is appropriate for both small and big business/companies.
    • When you buy your website and hosting service you can also buy your domain named email address providing companies like Go Daddy, Blue host, etc.
    • To perform email marketing and increase sales for your business you need a proper email marketing database.
    • There are many free marketing tools for small business to run free email marketing campaigns but it’s free up to a certain limit.
    • Bulk mailing advertising can be done through Email marketing software from service providers like Send Blaster, Mail Chimp, etc.

Email Marketing Process:

Main steps in Email Marketing:

    1. Define: Give a name to email marketing campaign with subject name and enter other details.
    2. Test: Before you advertise or send bulk mail test via browsers and email to clients for checking.
    3. Send: To send emails to know a perfect time or you can deliver email immediately or schedule the time it’s as per your convenience.
    4. Measure: You also have to measure its progress like clicks, opens, delivery, click through rates and other features.
    5. Report: After email advertising, we have to make a report on social sharing and other details.

Benefits and features of Email Marketing:

    • Email marketing is suitable for B2C and B2B email marketing.
    • To increase click-through rates add social sharing buttons on email messages.
    • By generating email marketing campaigns, revenue has increased since 2013
    • Email marketing is the most reliable channel of marketing for any business or marketing of the product.
    • The email template should be user-friendly and also must be consistent because most of them read mail through their mobile phones.
    • Digital marketers believe that email marketing generates “Positive ROI.”

Email marketing procedure:

  • Plan your marketing strategy:
    • Some goals and targets must be defined to perform email marketing.
  • Collect target group data:
    • By defining goal and targeting group members email ID has to be get collected.
    • But first, take permission to send advertising email.
  • Set up your database:
    • The data like email Id’s and other information of targeted group members must be stored in a database.
  • Define mailing concept:
    • Here the main step is to determine the concept of emailing broadcasts to derive communication frequency.
  • Creating of contents:
    • You should create appropriate content for targeted group members it should be in the form of text, image, graphics or another visual element.
  • Set up your email:
    • The text order is to be classified and also the variable or text blocks which audience will receive through additional text blocks. The final set up of email is done by this.
  • Email sent:
    • After setting up of your email is done, sent email to recipients in bulk with help of email marketing software.
  • Calculate results:
    • After sending a bulk email we need to consider data clicks, CTR, bounce rate, etc. which would help more in estimating your sales and campaigns result.


Email marketing is the most effective marketing channel and from this, you can expect high ROI from your email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is more successful than any strategy.

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